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Shatter Scatter

The game of baseball at the professional level has stuck with wooden bats for years.

If Major League Players reverted to metal bats like they did in college and at other levels, players would be hitting the ball over the fence with ease.

Wooden bats are a tradition that should live on forever. If baseball went to aluminum bats it would tarnish and destroy the record books from past players.

I believe, however, the MLB should outlaw maple bats because they are shattering into bits and pieces. The more bats that break the more trees that need to be chopped down. Baseball bat manufacturers use hickory, ash and maple bats. Today players have gone away from hickory bats and are using ash and maple wood bats.
In Major League Baseball today, roughly 60 percent of the players are using maple wood bats compared to the rest of the league using ash wood bats.

Not only do manufacturers have to cut more trees down to make more bats for the players, but maple bats have become a safety hazard as well. With bats shattering like they are, it is going to injure a player, a umpire or a fan in the crowd. There were several known minor injuries last year, and some believe it may take a death for Major League Baseball to outlaw maple bats.

For example, Todd Helton of the Colorado Rockies shattered his bat and it struck a fan in the crowd and broke her jaw. Maple bats are not only dangerous, but are harmful to our environment. There is a key difference between finished and unfinished bats and what type of environment the bat is kept in.

For more information on baseball bat safety, check out this video from the Associated Press.


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