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Smash and Rehash

Tennis is making a concerted effort to go green at the professional level as well as at the recreational level. 

Professional tennis players go through millions of balls and a ton of racquets every match they play.   The WTA and the ATP tour have made big strides in going green to help save our environment. 

Billy Jean King a former tennis player has established the Green Slam Initiative. Green Slam is promoting eco awareness in the sports industry. Tennis is a sport that has so many things they can recycle at tournaments as well as equipment the players use. 

“Tennis” magazine teamed up with club owner Michael Mahoney to inform people that own tennis facilities how they can be more efficient and earth friendly.   He talks about having a container for used tennis balls, and when it is time to replace hard courts making sure the contractors recycle the court base to cut down on the number of trips and quantity of materials taken to the site.

Tennis manufacturers such as Prince, Head and Wilson are teaming up to help save the planet.  Prince has made the effort to make sure they use 100 percent recycled boxes and recycled insoles for a majority of its products. 

Head is working with Cool Earth.  The company is a global environmental charity that protects rainforests, and is promoting eco friendly practices in sports.

Wilson has made their tennis racquets, balls and cans more environmentally friendly by reducing the chemicals used to create their racquets and making their tennis ball cans 100 percent recyclable.

The US Open, America’s Grand Slam in tennis went green in 2008.  Tourney Organizers wanted it to become more sustainable including becoming more energy efficient and recycling waste.   It is good that the US Open took a stand to protect our environment because it is the biggest tennis event of the year in the United States.



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