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Smash and Rehash

March 31, 2009

Tennis is making a concerted effort to go green at the professional level as well as at the recreational level.  Professional tennis players go through millions of balls and a ton of racquets every match they play.   The WTA and the ATP tour have made big strides in going green to help save our environment.  […]

NASCAR… Clean It Up

February 17, 2009

NASCAR’s switch to unleaded fuel is now a year old. NASCAR has an exemption from the Clean Air Act, which was passed in 1970, which required when all automobiles to switch to unleaded fuel.  NASCAR finally got onboard with that for the start of the 2008 racing season. It took NASCAR 38 years to finally […]

Shatter Scatter

February 10, 2009

The game of baseball at the professional level has stuck with wooden bats for years. If Major League Players reverted to metal bats like they did in college and at other levels, players would be hitting the ball over the fence with ease. Wooden bats are a tradition that should live on forever. If baseball […]


February 9, 2009

Many people around the world partake in sports in some way. Some play sports as a hobby or even as a profession and even more of us watch them as fans. While sports provide a good source of entertainment, have you ever thought about the effect they have on the environment? How many trees are […]